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Learn Javascript By Building Projects (for free!)

This week, I have just released a free, project based Javascript course.

Fun Javascript!

The course is aimed at beginners, and currently included 6 projects to see how HTML, CSS and Javascript all fit together.

Although I do explain as we go, the intention is to just jump in and build things, to give beginners a portfolio of projects they can use, modify and reference in the future.

What will you build? Let's take a look.

Project 1- Quick Tip (tip calculator)

tip calculator image

Project 2- Running Tracker App

running tracker project

Project 3- Guess The Number Game

Guess the number game image

Project 4- Number Match Game

Number match game

Project 5- Photo Effects App

Photo effects image

Project 6- Music Player App

Music player image

This course is completely free, and the project can be taken at your own pace, in any order.

Hope you enjoy!

- By Chris Dixon

Chris Dixon is a web developer and teacher. Teaching thousands of students mainly in Vue.js React.js, WordPress and web development.