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WordPress: How to add blog posts to multiple pages

In the WordPress dashboard, we have the option to set where we want our blog posts to appear.

In the dashboard > settings > reading, we have the option of setting our blog posts to be the home page, or any other:

wordpress homepage settings

But what if we wanted blog posts to appear on more than one page? For this example, let's say we want it to be the home page and a blog page too.

There are some different approaches we can take, but a simple one is to make use of categories.

To begin, we can use the above options to set the blog posts to display on our homepage. Next, we need to also display them on a blog page too.

The way this works is to assign all, or some of or blog posts to a category.

In the dashboard > posts > categories, we can add a category name of our choice, let's say blog:

wordpress add category image

This can be any name, and is simply used to group together posts.

Once this is added, it will appear on the categories list:

wordpress categories list

Now we can set our blog posts to be this new category by visiting the dashboard > posts > all posts.

Select all blog posts:

all blog posts page

Then in the bulk edit select box, choose edit > apply:

wordpress bulk edit page

In this bulk edit page, all we need to do is check the "Blog" category we just created, then click update.

We already have our blog posts on the home page, but now we need a second menu link to display them on a second page.

Go to the themes menu (dashboard > appearance > menus), and we can now add a new menu link. Under categories, check the new Blog category we created:

add wordpress menu item

And click "Add to Menu".

This now leaves a "page" as a menu link, which is simply a collection of all blog posts marked as the blog category:

wordpress menu structure

Now if we visit the home page, or the new blog link, we will see all of our blog posts in the 2 locations.

This is also a good way to filter our blog posts too, and have links for different blog categories if we wish to do so.

- By Chris Dixon

Chris Dixon is a web developer and teacher. Teaching thousands of students mainly in Vue.js React.js, WordPress and web development.